Advantages Of Evaporative Coolers


Evaporative coolers are an alternative method of cooling down your home. Like their name would suggest, evaporative coolers work by pushing evaporated water, in the form of cool humid air, throughout your home, which makes them the ideal home cooling option for hot and dry climates. Understanding the advantages associated with evaporative coolers can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your home's cooling needs.

Budget Pricing

Evaporative coolers are much less expensive to install and run than traditional central air conditioning units are. This is because evaporative coolers do not make use of ductwork, and are usually installed on a ground level window. Further, their smaller overall size means that the unit cost and installation process of an evaporative cooler is usually much less than the costs associated with a comparably sized air conditioning unit. This makes evaporative coolers the best option for homeowners with a tight renovation or home improvement budget. Further, the reduced energy costs associated with evaporative coolers can carry those savings into the future in the form of lower monthly electricity bills.


Besides lower electricity bills, evaporative coolers are also much more sustainable than their air conditioning counterparts due to the fact that they do not make use of refrigerants or other chemicals in order to cool down your home. Their all natural method of coolant can help you reduce your environmental footprint as much as possible while still enjoying a comfortable house during the summer.

Maintain Humidity Levels

Evaporative coolers will add humidity to your home's air supply, which can improve overall comfort levels and maintain a lower temperature in your home, especially in extremely dry climates. Further, since the air moves through a pad soaked with water, dust and other contaminants from outside air are removed, improving the overall air quality in your home. This can help mitigate the symptoms of allergies and prevent dry and cracking skin.

Improved Ventilation

In order for evaporative coolers to work properly, the windows of your home must be open. However, because of the difference in pressure between the cooler air inside and the warm air outside, your evaporative cooler will be your home's intake while the windows are the outtake, which won't increase the overall temperature of your home. This means that you will constantly be enjoying fresh air from the outside of your home, unlike central air conditioners, which are closed systems and simply recycle existing cooled air. This provides a more comfortable living space and prevents your home from becoming stale in the summer months.

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29 April 2017

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