Toilet Keeps Backing Up? You May Have A Clogged Closet Bend


If your toilet keeps backing up, even after you used a plunger to unclog it, you probably have a clogged closet bend. If the closet bend clogs up with solid debris, water and waste will back up into your toilet's trap. When you flush the toilet, wastewater can slowly overfill the bowl. With the information below, you can try to unclog the closet bend yourself. 

What Does the Closet Bend Do?

The closet bend is a small elbow-shaped pipe that connects the base of the toilet to the drainage line beneath your flooring. The pipe allows waste to flow freely to the home's main waste lines. Sometimes, solid waste, toys, and toilet paper can clog up the closet bend

Placing drain cleaners down the toilet might not be enough to break up the clog. Some products may also be too harsh or caustic to use on the closet bend. In addition, your plunger may not have enough suction power to push the clog down the waste pipe. If the clog does break free inside the closet bend, it may travel to the soil stack and block it.

The soil stack not only conveys waste and water out of the house—the pipe also vents odors out of the home. If the soil stack clogs up, it can cause odors and waste to back up inside your plumbing pipes. These issues can be dangerous for your family's health.

Instead of using drain cleaners and your plunger, take more proactive steps to unclog your toilet.

How Do You Unblock the Closet Bend?

You can try to unclog the closet bend with a closet auger. A closet auger is often used to remove stubborn clogs from deep inside toilets. However, you'll need to follow the product's instruction manual precisely to avoid making the problem in your closet bend worse. 

If you prefer a better and more efficient way to unclog your closet bend, contact a plumber. A plumber may use a small plumbing camera to inspect your toilet and the lines connected to it. After a plumber confirms the location of the clog, they can take steps to remove it. A plumber may need to disconnect your toilet from the floor to reach the clog successfully.

You can keep your closet bend clear by having your toilet and drainage lines inspected regularly. A plumbing contractor can discuss the times of the year to schedule services.

For more details about your toilet's closet bend, contact a plumbing or HVAC contractor today.


29 August 2017

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