3 Amazing Tips to Utilize When Purchasing a Replacement AC Unit for Your Property


An AC unit is extremely important because it keeps your home cool and comfortable. If it constantly breaks down no matter what maintenance is involved, it may be time for a replacement. To ensure you choose the right replacement AC unit for your property with ease, utilize these tips. 

Establish a Budget

The price range for different AC units can vary quite a bit. Most of them, though, range into the thousands. As a result, you'll want to create a budget for this AC replacement so that you don't spend more money than you really can afford.

Look at your finances and see how much disposable income can be put towards this purchase. If you can't buy a new AC unit outright, you may be able to finance one with a company. If you take this route, just make sure the terms are fair like the interest rate you have to pay. With a set budget in mind, you can avoid overspending and putting yourself in financial trouble.

Assess the Energy Efficiency Rating 

When you choose a new AC unit, you probably want it to be as energy-efficient as possible. This way, you can cut down on cooling costs during the hotter parts of the year. How energy-efficient a particular AC unit is depends on its SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) figure. 

The higher this figure is, the more energy-efficient the AC unit is. You should consider getting the highest SEER rating you can, even if that means paying extra. That's because you can make up these initial costs in monthly energy savings.

Go with a Trusted Brand 

It may not seem like it matters, but brand is everything when it comes to new AC units. Ideally, you should go with a trusted brand that has a lot of name value. There's a reason why certain AC brands are known and why others are unheard of.

An established AC brand generally produces high-quality products that people love. To make sure you're going with the right brand, check out consumer reviews. They should make it clear right away how great a particular brand is or isn't. 

A big decision you may have to make at some point owning a home is whether you want to get a new AC unit. There are many great options. The best thing you can do is assess your budget and cooling needs. If you take the right buying precautions, you can come away with a great unit that lasts for years. 

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10 May 2019

Keeping up With Maintenance Between HVAC Inspections

Working with HVAC contractors is an important part of being a homeowner. Not only do your contractors ensure that a new system you buy is properly installed, but they also ensure optimal performance throughout the years through a series of regular inspections, maintenance services, and repairs. But there are lots of things you can do in between your contractor's visits to ensure that your HVAC investment is always in tip top condition, aside from cleaning out the air filters. After working with my dad for more than a decade in the HVAC business, I've put together a few methods homeowners can use to maintain a well working system, and I have published those tips and tricks right here on this blog. I hope some of the information you find here helps you on your journey as a homeowner!