Plumbing Pipe Mistakes Homeowners Make


If you own a property, you're allowed to perform your plumbing work on your own. However, when working with pipes, there are some mistakes you might make that can lead to a disaster for your plumbing. In particular, you'll want to make sure that your pipes and pipe fittings are matched properly. 

Not Soldering Pipes Together Correctly

When you are soldering a copper pipe together, you'll want to heat the copper and not the solder. While the solder will melt, the goal is to heat the copper and the solder will then melt and flow into the joint. 

Not Being Careful When Attaching Different Types of Pipes

Plumbing uses a large variety of materials for pipes. It's important that the materials you use for your pipes are matched with each other. You are able to join certain types of pipes together using special connectors. However, even with connectors, there's a risk of a leak. Many homeowners will try to hold pipes together using silicone and tape, but this is a terrible idea that will lead to leaks. If you are properly connecting two pipes together, though, you will want to use the proper sealant. Also, there are certain types of metal that will corrode if they come in contact with each other. For example, you should never connect a galvanized metal pipe to a copper pipe. You are better off replacing old pipes than you are connecting two different types of pipes together. 

Tightening Your Pipes Too Much

You may be concerned about whether your pipes will be tight enough and whether they will experience a leak. However, it's possible to make your pipes too tight. However, if you tighten your pipes too much, this can damage the washers and fittings, leading to the destruction of the seal. You might also strip the threads and eliminate the watertight seal. You will want to make sure that the connection is snug, but it's possible to go too far. 

Not Knowing When to Contact a Plumber

If you try to install your own pipes or replace existing pipes and you run into trouble, you can always contact a residential plumbing company. Its easy to make mistakes and get in over your head. It's also easy to forget to perform simple tasks such as turning the water off before working on your plumbing. Mistakes can cost a lot of money by causing water damage and also wasting materials. For more information, reach out to residential plumbing services in your area.


29 July 2019

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