Call A Plumber If You Need A Plumbing Connection For Your New Refrigerator With A Water Dispenser


When you buy a new refrigerator with a water dispenser and ice maker, you may need to hire a plumbing contractor to install it for you. Unless your home is fairly new or has had a refrigerator with plumbing in the past, there won't be a connection to hook into. Here are some things to know.

Check Behind Your Refrigerator

Before you call a plumber, check behind your refrigerator for a water shut-off valve and connection. If you have one, then you can probably hook up the plumbing yourself by using a refrigerator plumbing kit that has the hose and connections you need. If you don't see an existing connection, then calling a plumber is a good idea so the work is done according to code and so your home isn't at risk of water damage.

Decide On Where To Connect The Plumbing

Your plumber can help you decide on the best way to hook up your refrigerator. They might run a line to a dishwasher or sink. If that's not a suitable choice, the plumber can hook into a pipe that's behind the wall, under the floor, or even above the ceiling. If you're renovating and have the walls open on your house, you may want to bring a plumber in early so they can make the right connections and have the plumbing ready before the walls are closed.

Solder In A T-Adapter

If your home has copper lines, the plumber can cut through a line to solder in a T-adapter. This ensures the connection is secure and won't leak when the adapter is hidden behind a wall or under the floor. A pipe with a shut-off valve can then be installed so the plumbing can be hooked up to the refrigerator.

Some DIY plumbing kits you buy have different connection methods, and those might not be up to code and could put your home at risk of water damage. That's why a plumber will probably solder in the connection so it's permanent and safe.

Put On A Valve

Your plumber will probably install a shut-off valve to the refrigerator so you can shut off the water when you want to get rid of the refrigerator or pull it out for repairs. It's good to twist the valve occasionally so it doesn't get locked in place due to mineral buildup on the threads.

If you need to pull the refrigerator out occasionally to vacuum the back and clean behind it, that's a good time to check the plumbing for leaks and twist the valve to keep it operational.


16 March 2020

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