4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioning System


If you want your air conditioner to work properly, you need to make sure you are taking good care of it. Your air conditioner is a large appliance, and in order to provide you with the cool air you crave, you need to make sure you are engaging in the necessary maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Way #1: Change the Air Filters

One of the maintenance tasks you should engage in on a frequent basis is the cleaning of your air filters. Before you start using your HVAC system this summer, change out the air filter and purchase some extra air filters to have on hand.

Your air filters remove dirt and small particles from the air and allow your HVAC system to run smoothly. It is a good idea to swap out your air filters every four to eight weeks. Having a supply of filters on hand will make this task easier to accomplish.

Way #2: Clean Off the Coils

Your HVAC system consists of both evaporator and condenser coils. Your condenser coils on your HVAC system are located on the part of your system that is outside, and they can get really dusty and dirty over the course of the year. You can spray down the evaporator and condenser coils to clean them, or you can use a shop vacuum to get rid of all the debris that builds on them. Dirty evaporator and condenser coils can reduce your HVAC's ability to cool the air properly.

Way #3: Straighten Out the Coil Fins

The coil fins on your unit can easily be bent and damaged. When the coil fins get damaged, it makes the flow of air through your HVAC machine harder to achieve. You can order a small tool that will allow you to straighten out the coil fins. You should avoid doing this by hand, as the fins can be really sharp and can easily cut you.

Way #4: Clean Up the Unit

Finally, take some time to clean up the outside portion of your HVAC unit. If you have plants or shrubs growing nearby, trim them back so they don't interfere with the operation of your HVAC unit. Pull up any weeds growing nearby. Take a pressure washer or just a garden hose with a spray nozzle and spray down the unit. Cleaning off the unit will help ensure that air is able to flow as needed around the unit.

You don't have to engage in all these maintenance tasks on your own. Instead, you can hire an HVAC company to inspect and perform necessary maintenance tasks each year for your HVAC system.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning maintenance service.


22 May 2020

Keeping up With Maintenance Between HVAC Inspections

Working with HVAC contractors is an important part of being a homeowner. Not only do your contractors ensure that a new system you buy is properly installed, but they also ensure optimal performance throughout the years through a series of regular inspections, maintenance services, and repairs. But there are lots of things you can do in between your contractor's visits to ensure that your HVAC investment is always in tip top condition, aside from cleaning out the air filters. After working with my dad for more than a decade in the HVAC business, I've put together a few methods homeowners can use to maintain a well working system, and I have published those tips and tricks right here on this blog. I hope some of the information you find here helps you on your journey as a homeowner!