What To Expect From A No-Contact AC Diagnostic And Repair Visit


While there is never a good time for an air conditioner to quit working, it can seem like an even bigger problem amid a pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented measures had to be taken in order to make necessary services available to the public without putting anyone at risk. No-contact AC repair and diagnostic visits were developed so homeowners could get the help they needed with their ailing systems without actually interacting with a technician. If you ever have to call for help amid a pandemic and they offer no-contact diagnostic and repair of your AC, it will be helpful if you know what to expect. 

The technician will give you a call when they arrive. 

Instead of just coming to your door and knocking to let you know they are there, the technician will give you a call when they get to your property. Most likely, they will just be letting you know what they are going to be doing outside of the house, but they may also ask you to turn off the AC, shut down the power breaker, or check the thermostat as they run their own tests outside. If the technician cannot determine what is going on from the outside at the condenser unit, they will take other steps. 

You may be guided through a video call to check things in the house. 

If the technician cannot enter the house, they may perform a video call and guide you to certain components of the system and ask you to do different things. For instance, if the technician suspects that there is an issue with the evaporator coil inside, they may ask you to remove the cover and face the phone toward the evaporator coil so they can take a look at the system. 

Entry into your home will be done with the greatest caution. 

If the technician determines that they must enter your home in order to examine system components or do work, they will first ask your permission. The technician will likely ask that you leave the door unlocked so they can come in while you wait in another room. The technician will be wearing gloves and a mask and will take every precaution while they are in your home to make sure they do not touch any surfaces other than those they must touch. Additionally, the technician may use a sanitizing agent to wipe down anything they touch after they have performed repairs. 

For further tips, reach out to a local AC repair service.


10 July 2020

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