Emergency Plumbing Issues: Signs Of A Clogged Drainage System


A clogged drain always brings inconvenience to life at home. Drainage clogging can result from different substances that pass through the drain. These include food, soap, oil, hair, soaked paper, bones, grease, plants, etc. These clogs are usually due to not being keen about what goes through the drain cover. Additionally, cleaning the drains after using the bathroom, kitchen sink, or toilet can reduce clogging. It is also important to habitually throw any dirt accumulated on the floor drains or sink drains into the trash can instead of letting it drain with the water. Here are some changes that can be noticed in the drainage system if it is clogged:

Change in Water Flow

If your bathroom, kitchen sink, or toilet slowly drains the water, the pipes have likely clogged with dirt. This issue causes water to stagnate, resulting in health problems. It may also provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If the issue is in one drain, it can be rectified more readily than in a situation where the entire drainage system is affected. A competent emergency plumbing service can help unclog the pipes efficiently and effectively.

Foul Smell

A build-up of dirt in the drainage system can result in a bad smell coming out of the fixture outlets. It can undoubtedly become very uncomfortable. This sign can arise before any problems are obvious, and you should contact an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

Gurgling Noises From The Drain

This is when water or air is prevented from flowing through the drains, and indicates that the drains are blocked. However, it may not be obvious as a sign of a blocked drain, and a failure to deal with it results in the slow draining of water. So if you notice these noises, it is advised that you have the drains checked for blockage before it becomes a more complicated issue.

Water Coming Up From The Drain

There may be times when the water bubbles out of the drain. This is usually a result of drain clogging. The problem results in flooding and a bad smell that could permeate your entire home. In many cases, the building's drainage pipes are often connected. So, for example, if the kitchen drain is blocked, the flood may be in the bathroom drain. You need to contact a plumber to unblock the drains and see if there is any other issue with the plumbing.

As soon as you see any of the signs mentioned above in your drainage, you should look for a competent emergency plumber to help you unblock the drain and advise you on how to prevent the issue from recurring.


4 April 2022

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