Heating System Repair Services: Common Factors That May Cause Your Boiler Not To Power Up


With proper maintenance, your boiler can last many years. But due to continuous use, the system can develop issues along the way. A heating system breakdown can be frustrating, especially during the cold season. One of the issues you might encounter with your boiler is a failure to power up. This problem can result from various factors, including the following:

A Dysfunctional Fuse

Home electrical appliances come with fuses that avert electrical damage in case of a power surge, and your boiler isn't an exception. Usually, the fuse detects a power surge and breaks it since it can ruin critical parts of your water heating system. Once the circuit is broken, the fuse may limit your boiler's power connection until you have the fuse replaced. Since the fuse is an electrical component, it's best to let a heating repair technician handle the replacement. The expert ensures that the replaced fuse matches the amperage for your boiler.

Lighting Issues

Most boilers designed in recent years operate so silently that you may hardly notice that they're on. But you can tell that a boiler is running if the LED light is on. Therefore, a bulb that doesn't turn on, yet the system is running signifies an underlying problem. For instance, it could be a faulty connection to the circuit. After an inspection, your heating repair technician will advise you on the best course of action. They can recommend changing the bulb or rewiring the boiler's electrical connection.

Problems With the Electricity Supply

The boiler can't work if your electricity supply is off. One way to determine whether you may have an issue with your electricity supply is to switch on different electrical gadgets or appliances in your home. If none of them turn on, contact your utility company to resolve the issue. Once this is resolved, call your heating repair technician to help reset your boiler.

A Damaged Fused Spur

Larger electrical appliances like boilers are separated from the electrical circuit using a fused spur. This socket has a red light and is located close to your boiler. This component could have a problem if your boiler is plugged in and doesn't power up. This issue can occur if the spur doesn't have an active fuse. 

A boiler that doesn't power up can cause great inconvenience, especially during the cold season. Contact a heating system repair service to diagnose and resolve the issue immediately after you notice it.


27 April 2022

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