3 Symptoms Of A Malfunctioning AC Expansion Valve And How To Fix It


A functional air conditioning system has a series of components working together. One of the components crucial to the system function is the expansion valve. It's indispensable to the air conditioning process because it depressurizes and cools the refrigerant. The refrigerant passes through the valve, and its temperatures drop due to a drop in pressure, converting it into a cold gas. The cold gas removes the heat from your indoor air more efficiently. Therefore, if the expansion valve fails, the entire AC also fails. Here are three symptoms that your unit might have a malfunctioning valve and how to fix it. 

When the System Blows Hot Air

Your air conditioning system will blow warm air instead of cold if the expansion control device of your air conditioner fails. A unit blowing hot air is not always the result of valve issues. The best way to single out this problem is to get a professional to assess all components. In rare cases, the problem might be a leak in the system leading to a reduced refrigerant volume. If they have explored those possible causes and feel that they aren't the issue, they will check the state of the expansion valve. Replacing the valve helps restore the cooling function of the unit. 

When the Compressor Doesn't Stop

Another indicator of a possible valve problem is when the compression system runs without stopping. This part of the air conditioning system helps remove heat from the refrigerant. If it keeps running, a minimal refrigerant volume flows into the evaporator. Once you fix the expansion valve, you get enough refrigerant and ample time for it to cool down before getting into the compression system. Therefore, you should have a professional check the expansion valve if it is constantly running. 

When the Air Flow Is Inconsistent

Inconsistencies in the airflow are another tell-tale sign that the expansion valve is damaged. You can tell that your system has this problem by listening to the sounds it makes. Chugging noises from the blower motor are an indication that the expansion valve needs a replacement.

It is advisable to speak to a competent air conditioning technician when you notice any of these issues with your system. They will help you troubleshoot the causes of the problem and resolve them to restore the overall function of your system. With proper repairs, the lifespan of the unit will also improve.

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24 May 2022

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