3 Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioner Keeps Shutting Off


A functional air conditioner should keep working until your home has achieved the desired temperature. However, if the system is faulty, it can start short cycling. This complication leads to your unit turning on and running for several minutes before shutting down and restarting again. Therefore, if your HVAC does not stay on, you may wonder about the possible causes and need to speak to a repair technician to resolve the issue. Consider these three most common reasons behind short cycling:

Mispositioned Thermostat 

The thermostat's location is very important in relation to air conditioner effectiveness. For example, if you position it under a supply vent, near a window, or close to a door that leads outside, it reads temperatures that are different from the actual condition inside the home. 

Sensing temperatures that are different from those of the house tricks the air conditioner into shutting down prematurely. Therefore, you need to consult with the technician and change the position of the thermostat to another part of the home. These professionals can also help when you're looking to zone different rooms to different temperatures.

Leaking Coolant

Another common cause of short cycling is when your system starts leaking coolant. The refrigerant determines how efficiently your unit cools the air in the home. As such, leaking leads to volume reduction, making the entire system work longer, overheat, and stop. The products used as refrigerants can also be harmful to your health if they leak. Therefore, it is best to hire professionals to handle refrigerant leaks.

Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor is the source of power for your air conditioning system. This component is small and cylindrical, and it sends power to the motor, which turns the fans. If it stops working, your air conditioning unit stops receiving power. You can tell whether it is functional or broken depending on whether the fan in the condenser unit is spinning. 

If the fan is not spinning, use a stick to give it a little push. You need to call the technician to replace the capacitor if it starts spinning after a push. You should also consult the repair technician if the unit does not spin after the nudge because it means the capacitor is broken.

Speaking to a professional about your unit is advisable if it continually turns on and off. The expert will accurately determine what component is broken or malfunctioning and how to repair or replace it to restore the unit's functionality.

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15 June 2022

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