Do You Want To Install An AC In Your Home? 4 Mistakes To Avoid


An AC is an indispensable appliance that provides your home with optimum temperatures. With the summer looming, heatwaves are projected to be prevalent, hence the need for a well-functioning air conditioner. But to have an operational AC, you must avoid errors in purchase and installation. Therefore, discussing your cooling needs with an AC technician is imperative since they will guide you through the selection and installation of the unit. That way, you will avoid mistakes that may have detrimental consequences. The following are AC mistakes you should avoid.

Buying An AC That Is Too Big

If you purchase an oversized unit, it will short cycle to achieve the desired cooling load. Unfortunately, this causes the compressor and the fan blower motor to run and stop prematurely. Eventually, these components will wear down quickly. And since the unit has to stop recurrently, it might not effectively remove humidity from the warm air. Therefore, before settling for a system, contact an experienced AC professional. They will calculate the load capacity of your home to ensure that you purchase a rightly-sized unit.

Using A DIY Installation

A DIY installation often leads to faults. As such, it is best to employ the services of a professional repair expert to install your AC. That is the best way to avoid inconveniences associated with improper installation. An AC expert will assemble all the components correctly to prevent them from wearing unevenly. Moreover, they will ensure all connections are secure to prevent water leaks. Since a well-installed AC system is less susceptible to breakdowns, you will save on avoidable repair costs.

Wrong Thermostat Location

If you place the thermostat near a cooling duct or heating appliance, your cooling unit might experience under or over cycling, causing uneven cooling. This is because the thermostat will erroneously detect the temperature of the locations near it. If you are unsure about the thermostat's location and settings, consult your AC contractor. They will set the thermostat at a strategic location that does not offer excessive or detractive cooling in some areas of your home.

Overlooking Maintenance

Failing to maintain your AC could lead to untimely breakdowns. During maintenance, your AC technician examines the system and makes necessary adjustments. In addition, they will clean the indoor and outdoor components to ensure effective filtration, heat absorption, and emission. Most importantly, they will spot emerging issues before they escalate.

If you are considering installing an AC system, you must avoid any mistakes that may undermine the function and lifespan of your AC. Therefore, it's advisable to hire an AC specialist to help you choose an ideal system. They will also install it expertly to avoid issues down the line.  For more information on AC installation, contact a professional near you.


1 July 2022

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