Is Your Cooling System Near The End Of Its Life?


If you've experienced multiple problems with your cooling system over the years, it may be time to replace the system soon. Cooling systems can experience a host of problems as they age, including mechanical failure. Below are things your cooling system may do right now that indicates its time to replace it soon.

Evaporator Coils Freezes All the Time

Every HVAC appliance relies on an evaporator coil to keep it cool. The coil generally sits in the center of the indoor air handler or unit found inside your home. The evaporator coil's main job or function is to absorb large quantities of heat out the home and transfer it to the coolant traveling through the system. If coil becomes compromised by dust or mold, ice will build up on the coils. The ice can prevent the device from cooling your home.

If your evaporator coil freezes up with ice all the time, it may be time to replace your cooling system. All of the parts inside your cooling system must be compatible with each other. Otherwise, the system may not work well for you. 

Along with the evaporator coil, the condenser unit outside your home may be damaged as well. 

Condenser Unit Overheats Repeatedly 

The condenser unit generally receives heat from the evaporator coil in your home. The unit must be able to release heat out of the system every time you use your HVAC system. However, the unit can overheat if the parts inside it become too old to operate properly. 

If the condenser unit outside your home becomes hot enough to shut down every day, it may be time to replace your cooling system. As with the evaporator coil, the unit must match or be compatible with the rest of the parts in your HVAC system. 

First, contact an HVAC contractor and ask them to visit your home. You want a contractor to inspect both pieces of equipment for you. If the evaporator coil and condenser unit are both too old to sustain your home, allow a contractor to replace them. 

A contractor may be able to assist you with the replacements you need. Most contractors work with third-party suppliers who offer a varitey of cooling systems. A contractor can go over each system and help you select one that meets your home's cooling needs the best.

You can replace your old HVAC system by contacting a contractor today. 


26 July 2022

Keeping up With Maintenance Between HVAC Inspections

Working with HVAC contractors is an important part of being a homeowner. Not only do your contractors ensure that a new system you buy is properly installed, but they also ensure optimal performance throughout the years through a series of regular inspections, maintenance services, and repairs. But there are lots of things you can do in between your contractor's visits to ensure that your HVAC investment is always in tip top condition, aside from cleaning out the air filters. After working with my dad for more than a decade in the HVAC business, I've put together a few methods homeowners can use to maintain a well working system, and I have published those tips and tricks right here on this blog. I hope some of the information you find here helps you on your journey as a homeowner!