Questions You May Have About A Furnace Replacement


When your furnace gets old and unreliable, it's a good idea to replace it before winter comes around again. If you've had your old furnace for many years, you'll probably have a lot of questions for the furnace replacement contractor. Here are a few things you might want to discuss about a furnace replacement.

Should You Replace The AC At The Same Time?

If your air conditioner was installed at the same time as the furnace, it may be time to replace them both at the same time. That way, you know the equipment will be compatible and it starts aging at the same pace. However, if the AC is newer or if replacing the AC too is not in your budget, the contractor may agree that replacing only the furnace is the best thing to do. They'll probably discuss the pros and cons of each choice so you make the right decision.

Do The Ducts Need To Be Replaced Too?

There might be sizing issues that require the ducts to be replaced. If you have flexible ducts, they might be old, full of dust, and in need of replacement. If the ducts are the right size and in good shape, it might be possible to clean them and keep them. The furnace replacement contractor may check the ducts to make sure they don't have any leaks before making their decision.

Can You Install A Humidifier At The Same Time?

If your house is always dry and uncomfortable in the winter and you don't like using a portable humidifier, ask your furnace replacement contractor about adding a humidifier to your furnace when it's installed. This is a good time to add a humidifier since it needs to be connected to the ducts. The installation contractor also installs a humidistat next to the thermostat so you can control the humidity to keep it in the ideal range all winter.

What About Adding An Air Purifier?

Another thing to consider adding on to your new furnace is an air purifier. If you have trouble with allergies, you might like the way a whole-house air purifier works when it's installed on your HVAC. As long as the fan is running, the air in your home is filtered and purified to reduce dust and allergens. It's more convenient to have the air filter applied to your HVAC than buy portable units to use around your house that are unattractive and get in the way.

Getting a furnace replacement is a big process, so if you have questions, be sure to ask the contractor so you feel comfortable you know what to expect when the work begins.


8 June 2023

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