3 Commercial Appliance Parts To Monitor In Your Facility


Commercial appliances play an integral role in the day-to-day operations of many businesses. Appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and ovens can wreak havoc when they begin to fail. It's important for all business owners who deal with commercial appliances to have a good understanding of the parts that need to be replaced most often.

Here are three commercial appliance parts to monitor in your facility if you want to extend the life of your equipment.

1. Compressors

Both commercial refrigerators and freezers rely on compressors to maintain the right internal temperature. When the compressor fails in your appliance, you risk compromising the quality of the products stored within. 

A compressor that is in need of replacing will produce loud noises while in operation. You may even notice some leaks developing around the bottom of your commercial appliances when the compressor is failing. Be sure to replace damaged compressors quickly to prevent any further problems with your commercial appliances.

2. Igniters

Commercial appliances that are fueled by natural gas will usually have an igniter. The igniter produces the spark required to light the natural gas and produce a steady flame. Commercial stovetops and ovens will often exhibit signs of igniter failure.

If you notice that your stovetop or oven isn't heating properly, have a technician evaluate the condition of the igniter. You can also determine when it's time to replace the igniter in your commercial appliances by looking at the flame that is produced when the igniter is activated. A faulty igniter will only be able to produce a weak flame, and maybe even no flame at all. Ignoring a damaged igniter could put everyone in your facility at risk of being exposed to carbon monoxide gas.

3. Control Boards

As commercial appliances become more high-tech, the role of control boards within these appliances has increased. The control board is essentially the brain of the appliance. This board is responsible for regulating the temperature and timing functions of an appliance. Control boards are also used to regulate advanced appliance features like wireless connectivity.

If the control board on your appliance needs to be replaced, you will likely notice flashing lights or error messages displayed on the appliance itself. If your appliance has no visible display, a compromised control board can be identified by unresponsive controls.

Familiarizing yourself with commercial appliance replacement parts allows you to easily source the components you need to keep your appliances in good repair.

Contact a local commercial appliance parts supplier to learn more. 


10 August 2023

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