Why You May Want To Replace Your Pre-2010 Air Conditioner


Do you have an air conditioner that was made and installed prior to 2010? Even if it is still chugging along and keeping your home relatively cool, you may want to have it replaced. These older air conditioners use a coolant called R-22, which is being phased out and will soon be completely unavailable. Here is a closer look at why replacing an older, R-22 air conditioner is a good idea.

26 March 2019

Two Possible Reasons Why the Air Coming From Your Furnace Smells Funny


If you have noticed that the interior of your home has a strange odor to it, you may have traced the offending smell to your heating vents. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why the air coming from your furnace smells funny based on the type of odor you are detecting. 1.  Brief Smell of Chlorine Even if you have not used any bleach to clean or do laundry, you may be detecting the smell of chlorine throughout your house.

25 February 2019

Tips To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Restaurant Refrigerator


Every restaurant needs a heavy-duty commercial fridge to keep things cold and store prepped items at a safe temperature. However, if you are careless about the way you use and maintain your fridge, you might find that some items spoil or that it is harder to keep the fridge at a dependable temperature. Here are some tips to help you get the most efficiency from your commercial fridge. Your food will be fresher and your fridge will be easier to clean.

26 December 2018

Furnace Maintenance Tips That You Won't Want To Forget


In order to make sure that your furnace is running as good as it can throughout the winter season, you will want to make use of the following maintenance for HVAC system tips. The better you care for the furnace, the less likely you are going to experience any heating problems that could have been avoided. Keep The Filter Clean Too many people make the mistake of assuming that the cleanliness of the filter is not that big of a deal.

3 December 2018

Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repair


It can be challenging to keep your home cool during the hot summer if your air conditioner is not working. That is why it helps to take steps that will avoid an unnecessary need for repair, especially so it doesn't happen on those days you want to use your home's air conditioning the most. Here are three things you should do. Clean Out The Compressor The part of your air conditioner found outside is called the compressor, and a common problem you may have with it is that it has debris in it.

24 October 2018

4 Tips To Help Maintain Your Ductless Heat Pump During Mildly Cold Weather


Today, more efficient HVAC designs are being installed in homes. These systems include ductless air conditioners, which today also have heat pump designs. The heat pump system is one that works like a normal AC unit but can also work in reverse to provide heating during mildly cold weather. If you have one of these newer heat pump HVAC systems, it is going to need maintenance during mildly cold weather to heat your home.

26 September 2018

4 Furnace Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Cold Winter Weather To Come


Soon, winter weather is going to be here, but is your furnace prepared for heating? There's going to be some maintenance that needs to be done before you start using your heating for the cold winter season. When you have your furnace serviced and inspected, there may also be a need for a few minor repairs. Here are some furnace maintenance tips that will help prepare your home for the cold winter ahead.

22 August 2018