Tips To Help You Keep Your Home Cooler By Maintaining Your Air Conditioner


Your air conditioner compressor that sits outside your home may be in the background and go unnoticed all summer long as long as it works to cool your home, but it needs maintenance to keep it working as well as it should to cool your home and use less energy. Take some time in the spring before you turn on your air conditioner to clean and maintain its coils and fins.

28 July 2017

3 Tips For Air Conditioning Service


If you find yourself stuck in the middle of July with a busted air conditioner, you're probably going to want quick relief. In order to get through the muggy heat of the summer, you'll need to get in touch with an air conditioning professional who can help keep you cool. To learn a little bit more about working with these contractors and getting your air conditioner fixed, read below.  #1: Get a tune up before running your system

18 July 2017

For a Successful AC Installation, Steer Clear of These Common Mistakes


Life can be full of mistakes, but some mistakes can easily be avoided with the right amount of research and due diligence. Take your air conditioner, for example. A few simple mistakes can easily turn an otherwise simple A/C installation into an expensive and time-consuming mess. The following offers an in-depth explanation of the common mistakes that can happen during an AC installation. You'll also learn how you and your contractor can avoid these mistakes.

3 July 2017

Summertime Doesn't Have To Kill Your Electric Bill


Once that cool air is replaced by the hot summer air, it's time to start cooling the house down so you and your family can be comfortable. The chances are that if you rely solely on the air conditioner to cool your house down, then you are going to see quite a spike in your electric bill. There are ways you can go about helping your air conditioner along so you can keep your home as cool as possible without yanking up the bills.

14 June 2017

2 Easy Ways To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Good Working Order


Keeping your air conditioner in good working order throughout the summer is extremely important, mostly because you do not want to end up with a malfunctioning air conditioner when you need it most, such as when a heat wave strikes or you are dealing with an especially hot day. Listed below are two easy ways to keep your air conditioner in good working order. Prevent The Coils From Freezing One of the most annoying issues that you can run into when turning on your air conditioner is finding out that the system itself is not actually pumping out cold air, but is instead pumping out lukewarm or barely cool air.

5 June 2017

Modern HVAC Systems With Efficient Features That Use Water To Help Cool Your Home


With the summer on its way and the weather getting hotter, it may be time to consider repairs and upgrades to your AC. Modern air conditioning solutions can also include features that use water to help cool your home, such as the installation of an evaporative cooler for dry weather or radiant cooling designs for modern renovations. Here are some air conditioning solutions that use water to help cool your home and improve energy efficiency:

15 May 2017

Future AC Tech To Be Aware Of


As energy costs continue to rise, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to keep their cooling costs down. If you would like to learn about some new technologies that may soon be able to revolutionize the process--and the cost--of air conditioning, read on. This article will discuss two exciting advances. Smart Metal Smart metal is the preferred marketing term for a class of metals known more officially as shape memory alloys.

9 May 2017