4 Guidelines To Follow In Your Heating System Maintenance


Your home's furnace plays a fundamental role in the cold season. When you maintain it properly, it can serve you efficiently for several decades. On the other hand, failure to pay attention to your system's maintenance and repair needs might cause an untimely breakdown of the unit. Remember that the cost of replacing a damaged system is much higher than that of regular maintenance and repairs. So, it is paramount to invest in professional maintenance.

14 March 2022

Five Benefits of Heating System Maintenance


The life of a heating system is codependent on its scheduled maintenance program. However, not many people know the benefits they get from following a proper heating system maintenance routine.  Here are the top five benefits from keeping your furnace in immaculate condition: Longer Life-spans for Furnace and Other Parts Your furnace, boiler, or other parts that comprise your heating system will last longer if you keep up with your scheduled inspections and cleaning.

16 February 2022

When Shouldn't You Wait To Fix An AC Problem?


Knowing when to call for an emergency visit from a contractor can be a stressful process. For many homeowners, it's hard to tell if the added costs of an emergency visit will ultimately be worthwhile. Since many people still view air conditioning systems as a luxury, this decision can be even more challenging when dealing with this particular HVAC system. Unfortunately, not every problem with an air conditioning system can wait for a more convenient moment.

21 January 2022

Heat Pump Maintenance Tasks You Can Confidently Tackle


Unless you start feeling cold while the heat is turned on, it's easy to forget that your heat pump requires routine maintenance to work reliably year-round. While you should arrange to have a professional come to your home to undertake routine maintenance on your heating equipment, there are many heating maintenance tasks you can safely DIY in between maintenance visits. Carry out the following maintenance tasks yourself to minimize the risk of heat pump failure and reduce your heating bill.

20 December 2021

5 Benefits Of Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service For Your Home


Sometimes, it's the little things that bring a smile to your face. In this case, it's an air conditioning unit that works properly and efficiently! Here are five benefits of professional AC repair services you're sure to enjoy. 1. Comfortable Temperatures No matter what time of year it is or where you reside, if your air conditioner is working right, you'll be at comfortable temperatures. If your AC was installed incorrectly or isn't operating as it should be, however, you could find yourself sweltering in the summer sun or shivering through the winter cold.

23 November 2021

Brrr! 3 Frosty Tips For Dealing With A Frozen Ice Maker


Ice makers are a sadly common source of problems on many modern refrigerators. While you generally want your ice tray to be cold, it's also ideal for the ice to remain safely contained within the tray. An ice maker that's freezing up may have ice surrounding the tray, which can lock the tray in place and impact its ability to dispense ice. It's usually pretty easy to discover if your ice maker is freezing up.

27 October 2021

3 Furnace Repairs To Schedule Before Winter


With winter weather right around the corner, the last thing you want to do is put off any repairs that your furnace needs to function efficiently. If you invest in repairs before winter temperatures arrive, you can avoid being left without heating services when you need them most. Here are three important furnace repairs that should always be completed before winter to prepare your heating system for the demands of the cold season.

28 September 2021