3 Keys To Choosing A New AC Unit


Are you thinking about replacing your air conditioner with a modern unit that will be more efficient and save you money. Obviously, you need to make sure this is going to be a cost effective upgrade. Installing a new air conditioning system costs several thousand dollars, and it will probably take several years until you earn your money back. So, it is usually only advisable if your current HVAC system is extremely outdated, damaged, or inefficient.

11 July 2018

Do You Need A New Air Conditioning Unit?


Most of the time, when you buy an air conditioner, you expect it will last for a very long time, maybe even for the life of your home. Unfortunately, however, most air conditioners, even the high-quality ones, do not last that long. The good news is that if you are aware of the warning signs of air conditioner failure, you can spot problems early on. That way, you can get a new air conditioning unit right away and never suddenly find yourself without air conditioning in the middle of summer.

17 June 2018

Musty Smells From Your Air Conditioning Unit – How To Remove It


It's finally time to cool the house off for the summer. The first few times you kick your air conditioning on this year, you may have noticed a musty smell coming from it. If this is the case, don't worry – you can remove that musty smell and get things back to normal. Here's how. Supply List A large storage bin Scrub brush Clean cloth Toothbrush Disinfecting all-purpose cleaner Newspaper Whisk broom Step 1: Remove the Screen Filter

7 May 2018

3 Keys For Commercial HVAC Installations


In order to get what you need from your commercial HVAC needs, there are a lot of things you can do for your heating and cooling to serve you. There are plenty of commercial systems you can shop for, and lots of professionals that can assist you anytime that you're in need of some service. By reaching out to commercial heating and cooling contractors that offer great service, you'll receive comfort in your office building that is unparalleled.

19 March 2018

The Connection Between Carbon Monoxide Poisoning And Furnace Repair Needs


Furnaces are the darling of every home. They make your living room look sophisticated and inviting while keeping your home warm in the colder months. The hue of the dancing tongues of a burning fire is nothing actually very hypnotic. With the holiday season upon us it is heartwarming to be in the presence of your family or friends in a living room with a furnace, or all cuddled up with your spouse over a glass of wine.

13 February 2018

3 Signs You Should Replace Your Baseboard Heaters


Baseboard heaters are one of the most common types of home heating systems available, especially in smaller homes or apartment buildings that do not have the space or duct work for forced air systems. However, like all home heating systems, baseboard heaters are susceptible to mechanical failure and reduced efficiency over time due to simple wear and tear caused by age. Understanding the warning signs associated with a failing baseboard heating system can help you identify the problem early so that you can contact a heating services contractor to have them replaced before they fail completely and leave you in the cold.

13 December 2017

3 Tips For Restaurant Equipment Repair And Maintenance


When you want to be sure that you're getting the most from your restaurant business, it pays to start caring for the equipment. By staying on top of the repairs inside your restaurant, food will be prepared properly, customers will be happy and you'll avoid health and safety problems. To this end, it pays to get the help of a restaurant equipment repair contractor that can assist you. Start out by following these guidelines, and don't hesitate to contact someone that can give you help.

3 November 2017

Maintaining Your Furnace


It is very important that your heating system is working properly before you go into a cold winter. It seems that the furnace always wants to go out during the coldest part of winter, and that is mostly due to the fact it is being used so heavily. For this reason, it is a very good idea to have parts of your furnace looked at before the winter sets in. If you perform some simple maintenance then your furnace may last longer during the winter.

27 September 2017

How Pets Affect Your AC


If you have a pet, say a dog or a cat, in the house, then your air conditioner (AC) requires a little more tender loving care than an AC in a house without a pet. This is because pets increase the risk of damage of air conditioners and also dirty it faster than usual. Here are some of the reasons for these increased risks: Pets Shed Dander and Hair Pets shed some flecks of skin and hair that accumulate in the air and find their way into the AC filters and ductwork.

12 September 2017

Toilet Keeps Backing Up? You May Have A Clogged Closet Bend


If your toilet keeps backing up, even after you used a plunger to unclog it, you probably have a clogged closet bend. If the closet bend clogs up with solid debris, water and waste will back up into your toilet's trap. When you flush the toilet, wastewater can slowly overfill the bowl. With the information below, you can try to unclog the closet bend yourself.  What Does the Closet Bend Do?

29 August 2017