4 Reasons To Keep Up With Routine HVAC Servicing


When you own a home, it's important that you take care of your heating and cooling systems. Ignoring them and hoping all is well is not a good plan. When you don't get annual service checks, you could be putting yourself and your home in danger and you may miss big issues. HVAC professionals can come to check out your heating and air systems to make sure all is functioning well, and if repairs need to be handled, they can make recommendations.

5 December 2019

How To Know If You Have Bad Air Quality In Your Home


You most likely keep a clean home. You tidy, dust and vacuum with regularity, and the home almost sparkles. However, if you notice that you or members of your family don't always feel their best and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it, there could be a problem with the air quality in your home. Bad air quality can affect your health, and if it is not fixed, it could potentially lead to more severe health problems down the road, depending on what is causing it.

30 October 2019

3 Things To Know About Residential Air Conditioning


In order to keep your home cool and comfortable when temperatures rise, a functioning air conditioning system is a must. In certain parts of the country, summer time temperatures can soar dangerously high, making a cool home a necessity. When it comes to residential air conditioning, your needs will vary depending on where you live, the size of your home, and your cooling needs. Here are three things that you should know about your home's air conditioning system.

10 October 2019

Ways To Protect Your Air Conditioner From Tropical Storms And Hurricanes


Hurricane season isn't over just yet, which means you can expect to see plenty of severe storm activity between now and the end of November. Not only do you want to protect your home and its contents, but also your air conditioning system. Despite being built to handle Mother Nature's slings and arrows, A/C systems can still suffer catastrophic damage in the wake of a powerful storm. Preparedness is an essential part of keeping your air conditioner and the rest of your home safe.

4 September 2019

Plumbing Pipe Mistakes Homeowners Make


If you own a property, you're allowed to perform your plumbing work on your own. However, when working with pipes, there are some mistakes you might make that can lead to a disaster for your plumbing. In particular, you'll want to make sure that your pipes and pipe fittings are matched properly.  Not Soldering Pipes Together Correctly When you are soldering a copper pipe together, you'll want to heat the copper and not the solder.

29 July 2019

What Does Your Compressor Really Do?


Replacing a compressor is one of the most expensive repairs that may be required on an air conditioning system, but what does your compressor really do? For many homeowners, the air conditioning system is essentially a black box that produces cool air and occasionally demands a fresh injection of money to keep operating. While there's nothing wrong with remaining in the dark and leaving everything up to the professionals, knowing a bit about your AC system can help you to make better choices when something does go wrong or when your system needs an upgrade.

27 June 2019

3 Amazing Tips to Utilize When Purchasing a Replacement AC Unit for Your Property


An AC unit is extremely important because it keeps your home cool and comfortable. If it constantly breaks down no matter what maintenance is involved, it may be time for a replacement. To ensure you choose the right replacement AC unit for your property with ease, utilize these tips.  Establish a Budget The price range for different AC units can vary quite a bit. Most of them, though, range into the thousands.

10 May 2019

Why You May Want To Replace Your Pre-2010 Air Conditioner


Do you have an air conditioner that was made and installed prior to 2010? Even if it is still chugging along and keeping your home relatively cool, you may want to have it replaced. These older air conditioners use a coolant called R-22, which is being phased out and will soon be completely unavailable. Here is a closer look at why replacing an older, R-22 air conditioner is a good idea.

26 March 2019

Two Possible Reasons Why the Air Coming From Your Furnace Smells Funny


If you have noticed that the interior of your home has a strange odor to it, you may have traced the offending smell to your heating vents. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why the air coming from your furnace smells funny based on the type of odor you are detecting. 1.  Brief Smell of Chlorine Even if you have not used any bleach to clean or do laundry, you may be detecting the smell of chlorine throughout your house.

25 February 2019